Tailored Commercial Litigation Services From Dominic Hirst & Co. Solicitors

Whether it is a commercial dispute involving a merger, acquisition or sale, a commercial contract, business competition, trademarks, or shareholder/director disputes, an experienced commercial litigation solicitor from Dominic Hirst & Co. Solicitors will take your instructions and advise on the best course of action and take a practical, commercial, cost effective approach to help you get the situation resolved.

After considering the law and the facts of the matter, we work with you to move the matter forward. We will work with you to make decision like whether to pursue aggressive litigation or if negotiation is a better strategy to try to save a valued relationship. We understand that every matter is different, so we always tailor our approach to suit your needs and look for the quickest, most cost effective route to resolve the matter.


If you need help or advice on your commercial dispute, contact us today to speak with one of our experienced commercial litigation solicitors.