Specialist Civil Litigation Services From Dominic Hirst & Co. Solicitors

We don’t do personal injury or family or conveyancing.

Instead, we are a specialist firm of solicitors focussed on providing civil litigation services including dispute resolution, litigation, and negotiation services.

Disputes and disagreements can start at any time. It could be that someone owes a debt. They may be blocking your shared driveway or right of way. A company may have gone bust and you have a personal guarantee. There may be a disagreement over the terms of a contract or agreement or shareholding.

Whatever the disagreement, civil litigation is a term used to describe legal disputes resolved through negotiation or the courts. Most disputes involve money. Unpaid debts are often the start and we are very experienced, and successful, at debt collection and/or disputing liability for payments. We regularly work with enforcement agents to collect sums of money due to our clients.

Other types of litigation might involve solicitors working to resolve land, boundaries, partnership or shareholder disputes, construction faults, or financial agreements.

The list goes on and on.

Whatever the dispute or disagreement, a solicitor will work with you to resolve it as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. Dispute resolution does not necessarily need the Court. Often, matters can be settled through other means; whether it be letters, emails, telephone calls, negotiations, or even mediation with a neutral 3rd party helping to try to bring the matter to a conclusion. When Court action is needed, we are very experienced in litigation matters.


If you think you need our civil litigation services, get in touch today.